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How it all began

Boat manufacturing was born out of our favorite hobby. As far as possible, we always strive to escape to nature to the reservoir, because we are fans of fishing, spearfishing and just love the water element. Over the years, we have sailed on different boats, gaining certain experience and noting flaws in the design of boats. The love for our hobby and the gained experience in the operation of watercraft inspired us to create multi-tubes tunnel “Strizh Jet” boats. The first test boats were made in 2017. We began active testing of the first models, which showed excellent driving and speed characteristics, as well as excellent shallowness. The structure of the bottom of the boat had an original design, and later we patented a utility model. In 2017, we launched our YouTube channel to promote our product. In 2019, the first export shipments to Canada and New Zealand took place.

About manufacturing

The manufaturing of our products undergoes strict quality control. The materials used in the work have been tested by us for more than 7 years, so we give a three-year warranty on our products.

Made with soul!

We value our reputation and are constantly working to improve our products! Thousands of people around the world have entrusted us with their choice and we appreciate it very much, therefore we make boats “as for ourselves”! Every season we test our products in the most extreme conditions and make films about it in order to convey to our customers the capabilities of boats in harsh conditions!

Hundreds of satisfied customers around the world!

The result of our work is satisfied and happy customers with our products! We constantly receive calls and letters from our customers, in which we hear a lot of positive and kind feedback, as well as advice on how to improve our products! We periodically publish video reviews on our YouTube channel, as well as on social networks.